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October 23 2017

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when she jumped, she probably thought she’d fly

naked persephone | february 2017


me wearing gay stuff: gay people please talk to me, gay people please talk to me, gay people please talk to me, gay people please

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When the question is as easy as shelling peas

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My bae got me a Polaroid camera, we’ve been having fun.

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me when im trying to take a self care day so that i stop running on empty but the crippling anxieties about all my responsibilities and work i could be doing wont let me relax

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whos goth wife is this


in the 2030s theyll start offering a 3rd option besides burial or cremation where they put your body through a hydraulic press and stream it to youtube


my hidden talents include romanticising everything, oversharing, crying, and overthinking 

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Best of Hong Kong film at Babylon – found in Mitte

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*looking in a mirror trying to practice self-love* ur doing great u stupid bitch

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Pair of Hellenistic Greek gold, glass, and stone earrings featuring an Egyptian Atef crown motif, c. 3rd-2nd centuries BCE. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Ysaunny Brito backstage at Mila Schön Fall 2016 RTW

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