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August 14 2017

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Pleurotus djamor - pink oyster mushroom 

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August 13 2017



PSA if you’re medicated or are new to medication: do not stop medicating cold turkey without supervision from your psychiatrist or without letting them know you’d like to quit. these things need to be done gradually, doing it abruptly can fuck you up really, REALLY bad, long term. please please please don’t be reckless about your mental health.

don’t sleep on this post and spread it if you can because it’s a good way to send your brain into a frenzy.

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matching underwear make u feel great but matching black underwear make u feel powerful

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heres some mementos from the mike pence website hack before its inevitably changed again

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Угрюмый котик

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Me choosing what to remove from my inventory when I’m carrying too much:

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i’ve just started metal gear solid 2 and already i’m feeling like i’m awardly third-wheeling a forming couple in a way no other game has made me feel. immersion.


it’s funny that hamlet says ‘the rest is silence’ and then horatio says ‘flights of angels sing thee to thy rest’

it’s like hamlet has thought about death so long and so hard that he’s stripped all its imagery, all its mystique. there’s nothing romantic or tragic or good or bad about dying. it just is. it’s happening to him, and he’s a little relieved and a little regretful, but it is what it is, it’s silence, and if it’s no more than that than at least it’s no less. he’s dying, and that’s all there is to say. for once, he has nothing more to say

horatio can’t have the same almost nihilistic view of death. as hamlet dies he seems to rise above it all, it doesn’t matter any more. horatio doesn’t get this luxury. he can’t look down at death and say that it just is, that it’s just silence. for hamlet, death is just darkness and silence, it’s just cessation. for horatio, death is his best friend, his love, his whole world, coughing and shuddering in his arms and then going still, going silent, going cold. while hamlet is the neutrality of knowing acceptance, horatio is pain and passion and grief and love, and he can’t just let it be silent, neutral. he needs to make it beautiful and poignant, meaningful and holy. he doesn’t need silence. he needs the bells of heaven to ring

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August 12 2017

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Winona Ryder, 1992

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baby phat ss08

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my uncle’s neighbors have cool plants

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